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Mumbai- A city that never sleeps, if you want to feel fresh young and rejuvenated then Mumbai is for you. Flooded with discotheques, Restaurants and night clubs Mumbai in actual is the Las Vegas of India. Mumbai is a city where every night seems like a festival night. So, with heartiest happiness we welcome you to the city of wonders, Mumbai.


Best Time to Visit Mumbai

Maharashtra’s capital city, Mumbai is one of the most destinations of India. The best time to visit Mumbai is between the months of October to March, however, the city receives footfall all around the year. The weather during this time is pleasant with the temperature falling in the range of 28 degree C to 33 degree C. Though the minimum temperature goes down to 10 degree C but does not really feel cold. This time is conducive for sightseeing and other activities. April and mid-June make for humid and hot summer months with temperatures going to mid -thirties. Many people visit Mumbai at this time due to discount on rates of hotels and packages etc. Rains hit the shores of Mumbai in the second half of the June and continue till September. Humidity is at an all-time high and Mumbai witnesses heavy rainfall and so this time must be avoided.

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