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Located on the west coast of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is still an unknown country sandwiched between Russia and Iran. Natural beauty, adventure and nightlife will make your trip an exciting one. It is interesting to note that the country has introduced one of the former world chess master Gary Kasparov and Freddie Mercury. Also at one point the country supplied 50% of the world’s demand for oil. It is home to 70 percent of the mud volcanoes in the world.

Azerbaijan has different regions each having their own attractions and specialties. Baku is the most famous tourist attractions. Azerbaijan come in the category of nature’s diversity and has lot of outdoor activities to explore. This is a country which offers variety of landscapes which can be explored. Some of the sites hold immense historic values which can enrich young minds. Kids will find Sirvan National Park interesting. Cave paintings at Qobustan Petroglyph Reserve are also quite popular among kids.

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